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A business loan without annual figures is becoming easier to get. A number of providers have shaken the market for business loans considerably in the Netherlands. If you go to a bank for a business loan, then you usually need annual figures for the past three years. This also applies to private loans as self-employed. So now there are other solutions for this. Go directly to our overview.

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If you are an entrepreneur and work independently, for example as a freelancer, and want to borrow money, then you often need annual figures for the last 3 years. This is not the case with all providers. If you are going to borrow money through the bank, then you actually always need annual figures, but there are also providers who, for example, look at your cash flow and where you can request a business loan without annual figures.

In a number of cases, the reason for your loan is not even asked, so you can also use the loan as a private loan without annual figures.

These providers are a bit more expensive in a number of cases, but you are much more flexible with your loan. You can usually have a lot of extra money available within a few days. It is true that you usually have to use the loan for business. It is therefore necessary to make investments. You can use part of the money in person, as long as the purpose of the loan is business.

When your business needs money fast, you often get a quick business loan. A large number of applications are already assured of their money within 48 hours. In many cases, incidentally, cash flow is first looked at and not even creditworthiness. There are also more and more providers of business loans where you can get business credit immediately. An example is OPR Business Credit, where you can only get a loan with a guarantor (this can also be yourself).

Business credit without annual figures.

Business credit without annual figures.

  • For a company credit without annual figures, first take a look at Funding Circle where you can go for crowdfunding. They are also suitable for self-employed and VOF and are cheaper than the other providers below.
  • Bridgefund gives business loans to freelancers and SMEs without annual figures but with a minimum annual turnover of 75,000 euros. To submit an application, upload the recent transactions from your business account and you must have been registered with the ChamCom for at least 12 months.
  • Qeld promises to be the fastest, with an easy application process of 1 minute and a concrete financing proposal within an hour. Once you have signed this proposal online, they will deposit the money the same day. Especially suitable for small businesses and freelancers.
  • B2B business Loan has slightly stricter conditions, but also offers quick and easy business credit without annual figures. The only condition is a minimum annual turnover of € 75,000.
  • Via the impulse credit from Atlantis Financiers you can get a loan if you have outstanding invoices. You can also go here for a business loan without annual figures. Even as a freelancer or starter, you can borrow business here without annual figures.
  • Another good example is OPR Corporate Credit. These are expensive, but you can immediately get a loan here with a guarantor for BV, sole traders, sole traders and VOF.
  • There are also other variants and ways to get a loan. With a company loan provider such as CreditVolt you can, for example, arrange the repayment of the loan by skimming your cash flow via debit card or direct debit.
  • See below for more examples of new financier of business loans in the Netherlands for business loans without annual figures.

Borrow money ZZP without annual figures

Borrowing business money without a bank does not necessarily have to be difficult or difficult to achieve. There are many special online platforms where you can go with your story. These platforms employ experts who will assist you with the application. This is the case, for example, with crowdfunding platforms, such as Funding Circle, where you receive guidance on how to apply for a business loan.

There are also providers such as CreditVolt that provide a loan and with whom you arrange repayment by skimming your cash flow via debit card or direct debit. What other platforms and possibilities for business credit without a bank are there?

Funding Circle is a business lender that collects the money from private investors for you. Through this platform you get the opportunity to apply for a loan without much bureaucratic hassle. You can apply for the business loan within 10 minutes and within 2 working days you have the decision whether your loan can continue or not.

In addition to Funding Circle, there are also other platforms for crowdfunding or business credit via investors. Think of Syndico, Amberty and GoodCash. But our experience shows that the Funding Circle is by far the most user-friendly.

B2B businessLening is a completely different type of business credit provider. You can simply borrow business money here quickly and easily. Moreover, the credit is deposited quickly. The minimum loan is 2,000 euros and you can borrow a maximum of 50,000 euros for your company. However, the costs of these loans are generally a lot more expensive than, for example, loans through the bank or via the crowdfunding platforms above.

Moreover, you cannot use this loan as starting capital. According to the lower case you must already be an established company with an average annual turnover of at least 75,000 euros. Please note that B2B Business Loan is therefore not guaranteed to review with the BKR, but it does with EDR Credit Services in The Hague. That agency looks specifically at credit data from companies and has a database containing information about payment arrears in the business circuit.

A very nice way to borrow money quickly with a negative BKR is through Astro Finance. Here you get a business form of a revolving credit. You agree on a credit limit, and you can always borrow until you reach the limit. So this is super handy to quickly release some extra capital.

CreditVolt is a new provider in the Netherlands that takes things a little differently. This is because a loan is automatically repaid via debit card payments or via other invoices. Credit Advance automatically includes part of the payments and you pay the rest of the amount. It is credit by debit card or by direct debit.

Because do you not have an ATM? Then there is also the option to pay with daily collection. They collect every day, 5 days a week. This process is fully automatic. This all happens on the basis of a fixed percentage of the turnover. If you earn more, you pay off your loan faster.

A similar provider is Pinvoorschot. They pioneered this form of business money. The principle is therefore exactly the same as Credit Forward. You get a loan and pay it back via debit card payments. These payments are therefore made through Pinvoorschot and after deduction of the repayment (a fixed percentage) you will receive the rest of the money in your account.

At Pinvoorschot there is no option to pay via invoices or direct debit. They are therefore less flexible. They can, however, make a customized proposal and you will always get a consultant on the floor who looks at your situation. Moreover, they also have another unique product: WEB advance. This is particularly useful for web stores.

Every day part of the advance is repaid, depending on the online turnover of that day. If there is a lot of turnover, more will be repaid; if there is little or no revenue, that day is repaid less or even nothing. Due to the simplicity of the product, the advance can normally be paid within a few days.