Credit without credit history

Credit without credit history is only possible if the credit has never been taken, ie if you have taken a loan, whether it was one, three or five times, you have a credit history. In simple words, if you want to get a credit without a credit history, you simply should not take it, otherwise you will have a credit history – positive or negative – that will depend on you.

Credit history consists of all credit-related activities – credit taking, credit repayment, credit payment discipline, outstanding credit commitments, outstanding credit commitments, current credit commitments, and so on.

Positive credit history consists of timely and full credit payments

Positive credit history consists of timely and full credit payments

Settled credit commitments, and current credit commitments, which are also handled with integrity and integrity. Negative credit history, on the other hand, consists of overdue and incomplete credit payments, outstanding credit liabilities, as well as current credit commitments, which are made in a nasty and irresponsible manner.

True, the number of credit liabilities in the credit history does not show anything good – though they have been settled, they still show you that you are unable to plan your personal finances and time, living regularly beyond your means and a generally irresponsible attitude to Finances.

The term “credit without credit history” can also be interpreted


As a credit that is not addressed before the potential customer’s credit history is addressed. Admittedly, unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on what aspect you see), there are creditors who do not pay particular attention to credit history, that is, it is irrelevant for creditors whether the potential customer has a credit history or not, and no matter what the credit history is – positive or negative.

This attitude to the evaluation of credit history

This attitude to the evaluation of credit history

Is often observed among non-bank lenders, who are dealing with the so-called fast credit granting. Non-bank lenders explain this attitude with their small financial risk, which is reduced by the small amounts of their loans and short repayment terms, as well as the huge demand for these loans, which is able to offset financial losses even if the loan is not repaid.

However, if you have a negative credit history, you should not rely on this attitude and the information provided, and hope that in the case of bad credit history, the loan will be unequivocally issued as it may not.